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Uplighting Rentals

                                                     Uplighting Rentals for all occasions for more info give us a call at 313-657-1283 

          SLIM PAR 56 Uplight

uplight for rent

The Chauvet Slim Par 56 is our most popular uplight. They are RGB LED lights, and feature a built-in digital display to select a static color or pattern. Choose from 7 built-in colors.

      DOTZ PAR 36 Washlight


Th​e ADJ Dotz Par 36 is a small Par Can Lighting Fixture that produces heavy beams of colorful wash light that are flicker free with no RGBA shadows. Massive 60 degree beam projection, also includes a 25 degree beam lens for narrow light projection.

      SLIM PAR RGBA 64 Uplight

Uplight Par 64

The Chauvet Slim Par 64 is a little bigger and brighter than the par 56 uplight. This is a RGBA uplight that adds Amber, plus 13  other built -in color pre-sets.

   EZ PAR 64 Wireless Uplight

battery powered uplight par 64

Chauvet EZ Par 64 is a Battery powered uplight with 15 color presets. Very bright in size the EZ Par 64 RGBA, includes an Amber bulb for warm color options.

 SlimBank T-18 Panel Washlight

Panel washilight for rent

Chauvet SlimBANK T18 is a versatile tri-color LED wash light with brilliant eye-candy effects. With its removable barn doors, you can direct the T18's wash to be extremely wide or more focused for a custom, controlled response. 

   MEGA BAR 50 Wireless Light

battery powered led uplight bar

The 24" ADJ Mega Go Bar 50 is a battery-powered, RGB LED linear fixture designed to produce bright color washes and smooth color mixing.with a 30 degree beam angle, high quality color mixing for wall washing or uplighting.

     EZ PAR 56 Wireless Uplight

battery powered par 56 uplight

Chauvet EZpar 56 is a battery powered version of the Slimpar 56 with a battery life of 20 hrs.on one charge. RGB LED Uplight.

          MEGA BAR RGB Light

led bar light for rent

The ADJ Mega Bar RGB is a high quality, durable 42 Inch RGB Led Linear Fixture designed for high quality color mixing for stage,wall washing or uplighting.

     H6 Slimpar RGBAW + UV

 Slimpar Uplight RGBAW & UV Stage/Uplight

SlimPAR H6 USB is a low-profile RGBAW+UV LED washlight with D-Fi USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control. It also works in sound-active mode. Flicker free output so it can be used as a front light in videos.

Chauvet OBEY 40 -16 Channel DMX Controller

  Chauvet 16 ch.DMX C​ontroller

      FX Washlight RGB+UV

Dance Washlight

Wash FX 2 is a multi-purpose effect light with 18 Quad-color (RGB+UV) LEDs that can be used as a regular wash light or eye-candy effect with 6 chasing zones. Powerful UV LEDs create a psychedelic blacklight effect and provide brilliant color-mixing capabilities. 

 Chauvet Wireless DMX Transmitters/ Receivers

Wireless DMX Transmitters/Rec.

 Chauvet GOBO Zoom Projector

GOBO Zoom Light
Gobo Image on Floor

Gobo Zoom USB is a super compact gobo projector with a manual zoom, and wireless connectivity in master/slave and DMX mode

 OBEY 3 DMX Light Controller

           3 Ch. DMX Controller

     Chauvet T6 Slimpar RGB

Chauvet T6 Slimpar RGB Uplight

SlimPAR T6 & T12 USB washlights are low profile, high output tri-color (RGB) LED wash light with D-Fi USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control. As versatile as it is dependable. Flicker free output so it can also be used for broadcast videos.

High Powered T12 Uplight

   Uplighting Designs

Blue Uplighting Design with Custom Wedding Gobo design by Atlarge Sound
Gold Uplighting Hall Design
Magenta Uplighting
Pink Uplighting w/ Custom Gobo

 Uplig​hting-Custom Gobo Images

exterior uplighting

Exterior Uplighting

Multicolored Exterior Uplighting design by Atlarge Sound

Multi Colored Uplighting

exterior uplighting bt Atlarge Sound
Blue Patio Uplighting Design
outdoor uplighting by Atlarge Sound
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