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 Professional DJ Services - Equipment Rental  & Event Production    



​Atlarge Sound & Lighting Co.

Welcome to the official website of Atlarge Sound & Lighting Co. a South Florida & Michigan based Audio, Lighting and Event Production Co. providing wedding ceremony systems, concert sound systems, DJ Set-ups, stage play systems and more from an inventory that includes QSC Powered Speakers & Subs, JBL Passive Speakers​ & Subs, Bose Battery Powered Speakers, Shure Wireless Microphones, Mackie Mixers as well as stage and dance floor lighting fixtures by Chauvet & ADJ which includes moving heads, uplights, black lights, lasers and custom gobo projectors.

                                    Equipment rentals, sales, and installations at affordable prices for over 20 years, with a location in Pembroke Pines, FL where the goal is to always exceed our clients expectations with superior service and professional grade equipment. So eliminate the guesswork when planning your next event and let us be of service to you.   

Speakers  for Rent

Here at Atlarge Sound we have multiple speaker rental options,  Powered & Passive Speakers with​ Bluetooth capabilities, for weddings, co​ncerts, special events, presentations, DJ's and more.

wireless microphones for rent

We have a large selection of microphones from wired to wireless, if your in need of a ​single microphone or multiple units for any occasions we have you ​covered with handheld vocal, instrument,

headset, lapel, and boundary mics.

Moving Head Stage Light for rent

Whether your event requires four fixtures or one hundred, we have you covered. We rent uplights, wall ​washes, gobos, dj dancefloor lighting, spotlights, moving head light fixtures, laser lights, beacons, fog machines, hazers and more.

Pioneer DJ Controller for rent

We rent Pioneer DJ Controllers & Rane DJ Mixers that support Serato DJ Software.

Stage Mixer for rent

We rent digital and analog stage mixers for live performances, meetings, conferences and more.

QSC Powered speakers for rent at Atlarge Sound
JBL SRX Speakers for Rent at Atlarge Sound
DBX Driveracks for Rent Atlarge Sound
Bose  Speakers for rent
Shure Wireless microphones for rent at Atlarge Sound
Audix Microphones for rent at Atlarge Sound
Acacia Audio Headset Mics for rent at Atlarge Sound
Sennheiser microphones avaliable for rent at Atlarge Sound
Chauvet DJ Lights available for rent at Atlarge Sound
ADJ Stage Lights available for rental at Atlarge Sound
Rane DJ Mixers available at Atlarge Sound
RCF Line Array Speaker Systems at Atlarge Sound
Mackie stage mixers for rent at Atlarge Sound
Pioneer DJ Mixers, Controllers and CDJ's for rent at Atlarge Sound
Allen & Heath QU 16 Digital Mixers for rent
ALTO Mixers available at Atlarge Sound
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